Explore the Slopes of VAIL with the YMDA Ski Group

Join a vibrant community of skiing enthusiasts from the Twin Cities, uniting professionals with a shared zeal for winter sports and networking.  YMDA will be in Vail December 7th through the 11th, 2024.

Annual Ski Trips

Embark on our signature early season ski trips, a perfect blend of adventure and socializing, designed to forge lasting friendships.  Accommodations will be provided by Manor Vail Lodge.

Exclusive Membership

 The Young Men’s Downtown Association (YMDA) is a group of Twin Cities area business and professional people who share a passion for snow skiing and boarding, adventure, and friendship. YMDA begins each winter with the annual early-season ski trip to enjoy the sport,renew old acquaintances, and make new ones.

Our Cherished Tradition

Celebrating Decades of Ski Adventures

Founded on the shared passions of skiing and snowboarding, the YMDA Ski Group has been the cornerstone for winter sports enthusiasts in the Twin Cities area. Each year, we kick off the season with our much-anticipated early season ski trip. This event isn’t just about the thrill of the slopes; it’s a time-honored gathering that reinforces our bonds and welcomes new faces into our community.

YMDA will be in Vail December 7th through the 11th, 2024.
Accommodations will be provided by Manor Vail Lodge.

At YMDA, we believe that adventure and friendship are at the heart of every memorable ski trip. Our annual gatherings are designed to foster these connections, ensuring each member carries forward both thrilling stories and meaningful friendships.

A Legacy of Adventure

In the late 1960’s, a small group of visionary Saint Paul Area Adventurers known as the Georgetown Seven were organized. Members of the original group were Bob Donlin, Mike Galvin, Mike Kampmeier, Ed Stringer, Bill Langford, John Holman and Charlie Hauser. The mission of the group was lofty: tame rivers, advise governments, quell uprisings, conquer mountains, and other missions on request.

Capturing Moments on the Slopes

YMDA Ski Adventures Gallery

What Our Members Say

The early season trips are the highlight of my year! There’s nothing like hitting the slopes with YMDA friends to kick off the winter season.

Dan Fontana

Every ski trip with YMDA is an adventure. The sense of community and the shared passion for skiing make every trip unforgettable.

Dave Luebke

The slopes, the people, the atmosphere – YMDA trips have it all. Can’t wait for the next one!

Gayland Bender

Join Our Early Season Adventure!

Ready for the slopes? Join the YMDA Ski Group for our exhilarating early season ski trip! It’s the perfect opportunity to dive into the thrill of skiing, reconnect with old friends, and make new ones in the stunning winter landscape.