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First Class Accommodations
Manor Vail Lodge, located at the base of Golden Peak, brings the wonder of Vail Mountain to your doorstep. The full-service Manor Vail Lodge features handsomely decorated, privately-owned luxury condominiums. They include all the comforts of home including full equipped kitchens, fireplaces and a patio or balcony. Lodge amenities include a health club, heated pool, whirlpools and sauna. Lodge services include a 24-hour front desk, business center, housekeeping, bell services, concierge and free town shuttle. YMDA has reserved, two-bedroom/three bath manor houses that accommodate 4 persons and one bedroom/studio units accommodating 2 persons each. Our goal is to provide each person with an individual bed.
Ski Equipment Rental
Discounted ski equipment rentals will be available. Information will be included in your confirmation packet and at
Air Transportation
We are offering two commercial flights on a first come, first served basis. You cannot switch flight times between itinerary options. Your confirmation packet will include airline information and flight times.
Option 1
12/9/23 – SW #WN378 6:20am-7:45am MSP/DEN
12/13/23 – SW #WN2373 7:55pm-10:45pm DEN/MSP
Option 2
12/9/23 – SW #WN378 6:20am-7:45am MSP/DEN
12/13/23 – SW #WN1486 3:25pm-6:25pm DEN/MSP

A Brief History of the Young Men’s Downtown Association
In the late 1960’s, a small group of visionary Saint Paul Area Adventurers known as the Georgetown Seven were organized. Members of the original group were Bob Donlin, Mike Galvin, Mike Kampmeier, Ed Stringer, Bill Langford, John Holman and Charlie Hauser. The mission of the group was lofty: tame rivers, advise governments, quell uprisings, conquer mountains, and other missions on request.
Y = Young With members ranging from twenties to eighties, we are young or young at heart but on day number two we may feel really old.
M = Men’s With all trip members still being male this remains the truest part of our name.
D = Downtown This is a reference to the historical membership being mostly men that worked in downtown St. Paul. While some still do, most have probably only visited downtown St. Paul to attend the MN Wild games!
A = Association With one activity and the lion’s share of the work done by one person (Tom Gray), our status as an association might be misleading.